Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Empty Sea (MTC)

I (Andressa's mom) title this the Empty Sea because I think of Isi and Kimball Swift talking about how Andressa was going to enter the empty sea. The other kids in the car corrected them that it was the MTC and they all laughed about how it sounded like empty sea.

Today Andressa Johanson entered the Missionary Training Center. It was not an empty sea. It was full of many new and not so new missionaries with shining smiles. Cars were coming by waves. The Spirit was strong. I could see why people cry. I felt a wave of emotions myself but smiled and hugged my daughter and made sure we got some pictures. I am not going to have my picture taken being teary-eyed. And I can't see to take a picture if there are tears in my eyes. I was so full of happy that there was no room for sad. Andressa was happy and beautiful and confidant. She was born to do this!

We did a temple session in Draper before taking her to the MTC. I leaned over to her and told her she was a perfect daughter. I'm not meaning that she doesn't make mistakes but if anyone ever wanted a perfect daughter, she is the perfect example. I love how she learns from her mistakes and strives to do better. She is full of love and compassion for everyone. She is going to be an awesome missionary in the Belgium/Netherlands mission!