Monday, December 29, 2014

Snow Biking!

Lieve Family!

Yay Christmas! It was very nice. Christmas is more chill here, in fact, some people don't even know why they have it, but nonetheless, it was fun. Us missionaries went and caroled in the big centrum in Haarlem and some of us handed out cards and talked to people. It was fun times. And skyping of course was wonderful. I love everybody!

It snowed the day After Christmas. Man, so close. Biking in the snow is almost funnier than biking in the rain. It is nicer though, because it is a different sort of wet and cold, so I do not mind too much.

L. didn't come to church, so now we have to move her baptism date. But it's okay, because the other day we were teaching about the Atonement, but we had to back up because she didn't even know the story of Jesus' birth, let alone His life and atoning sacrifice. She didn't know the Christmas story. That was so foreign to me. So I think she may need some more time so she can truly understand things, which is important. God knows her well and what she needs, so it will all be done in His timing.

Sister Goodman and I were realizing the other day how ridiculously happy we are! I feel like I shouldn't be this happy yet... Last transfer was wonderful, and I didn't see how it could get any better. But this transfer is a blast! I feel like you don't have this much fun until the end of your mission, when you figure out how to not stress so much. I feel like I'm truly learning about the virtue of having fun, and it is a beautiful blessing. Things should be so hard right now! It's my second transfer, we are both greenies, it's Christmas, it's cold, we don't know Dutch, we are barely teaching anyone, but we are so happy! Being friends with the other missionaries helps, and I think a lot of the fun of this transfer is due to working so much with the Haarlem elders. They remind us that missions are supposed to be fun, and that reminds me that God wants me to be happy, even when I'm working hard. It makes me kinda nervous for when things do get super I'm going to enjoy this bliss for as long as possible.
I love being a missionary. :)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a wonderful new year! Much love and blessings to you all!


Sister Johanson