Monday, January 19, 2015

Heaven Smiled on IJmuiden

Heya Pals!

And suddenly, there are actually things to tell.
After an entire transfer of knocking doors and having 1 1/2 investigators which weren't even in our city, things are finally happening in IJmuiden!

We met this woman, Gerde, while knocking doors a couple weeks back, and this week, we taught her and her husband the first lesson. They are great investigators, and super interested in The Book of Mormon and what we believe. Her husband, Richard, is incredibly smart and has studied religion extensively. He actually started telling us about the great apostasy and translation of the bible! They are busy and hard to make appointments with, but we plan to keep working with them, and hopefully their three teenagers as well. Baptizin families, oh ya.

Frank is our miracle referral. One day, we knocked out a couple Streets, and left with little "success." The following p-day, I got an email from the AP's, which was a forward of an email from this young man Frank. He said that two young women had knocked on his door, and he had sent them away, but thinking about it later, he wondered what they could offer him and was interested in learning more. Holy cats! When we went to look him up, we did not even recognize him. He told us that he hadn't even accepted a card, he had just sent us away. Then he asked if there was something he could read to learn more or something, so wham, we whipped a BVM and made an appointment with him this week! Who knew that knocking doors actually works? Even with the grumpy ones! :D

Lindsey no longer lives with Jenny, and that is tragic, and we have no contact with her. I am determined to find her this week. She can not get lost.
However, now Jenny is much more responsive and happy and so we are hoping to seriously start teaching her. We will see how that goes this week.

Eli keeps falling through with appointments. Darngit.

Transfers came and went and I'm still in IJmuiden with Sister Goodman. Luckily, we really like each other and it's not even raining today, so we like IJmuiden pretty well too. I can't even imagine what's in store for this transfer, but I guess I have hopeful anticipation and will just work on my patience a bit.

Hope January is treating you all well! January Always seemed so long and tiresome and you just try to stay motivated and get through winter. Hang in there, it's almost February.

Love and peace from the Netherlands,

Zuster Johanson