Monday, March 23, 2015

Colorless Skies

Goede dag!

So much for good weather..this week was a week of absolute colorless skies and we had to get our winter coats back out. But, so is European weather.

Busy! We are busy, and it is great. Yesterday was one appointment to the next - which missionaries love. We are teaching a fair amount of people, but we can't seem to get them to the part where they keep commitments and progress... Ah well. Patience is also a mission thing, I guess.

We got to up to Nederland for Sisters Conference! That was wonderful in so many ways. All 40ish sisters in the mission gathered in the mission home to be uplifted and encouraged by our leaders and each other. (there are probably pictures on the mission blog) Being 6 months in now, it was just what I needed to keep me pumped up.

You know how missionaries always say, "Oh my favorite thing about my mission is the people. I love watching people change." Well, I am always thinking about that, and it definitely applies to my mission, but in a different sort of way. I haven't seen the sort of "success" where I have watched people change and be baptized, but I've watched missionaries, and I've seen them change and become more converted to the Lord. I've watched them begin to grow into themselves, and become who they're destined to be. And I have made friendships out here that I never expected and never would have had in any other circumstance. So my favorite thing about the mission is the people, and watching them change. And maybe that's my mission, so maybe that's okay.

Much love to you all from Europe! Look for the miracles. They're there.

Sister Johanson

Sister Jones and I playing soccer

Eating a waffle at Antwerpen Station on my 6 month mark!