Monday, July 20, 2015


Hoi hoi!

We almost had someone come to church yesterday. Our fantastic investigator showed up right after the service, soaking wet from walking in the rain. Dear soul. We showed him a Mormon Message and then walked him home. We will try again next week. :)

Funny story of the week: We were going door-to-door, same old same old, and came across this one younger guy. I don't think he was entirely "all there," 'cuz we asked him if he had ever heard of the Mormons. Conversation: (but in Dutch)
Guy: "Ya, Mormons"
Us: "Oh, what have you heard?"
Guy: "Not good. Devils."
Me to Sis. Harris: "Oh we're devils." "What do they do?"
Guy: " And they're busy, always busy. Not good."
Hahaha ohhh I see. Devils indeed.
But after talking to two cute girls on the door for a while, we were able to get him excited about coming to a church service. I still don't think he ever realized that we are the Mormons... Who'da thunk that rumors like that escaped America and made their way to the Neverlands?

Zone conference was also good this week. We all have to buy helmets, and we are distraught. But, okay, we will go and we will do. Even if all the Dutch people laugh their heads off at us. Maybe this is the secret key to baptism, ya never know.

Hope you have a lovely pioneer week! (I forgot about that holiday) I LOVE BEING MORMON and you should too. :)


Sister Johanson