Monday, September 28, 2015

Go Hard or Go Home

Good Morning, Friends

I realize that sometimes (many times) my weekly emails are rather crumbly- I eat lots of delicious crunchy toast during the week and all I leave for you to see is the crumbs- and I apologize. I will try to write better ones. Sometimes. :)

Okay, so this week began great with family home evening with family Sariki! We adore them. They are from Africa and have 4 teenage kids. Having family home evening with them makes my mission feel worth it. Truly, there is so much love and the Spirit is strong and we have so much fun together. This week, we had them write a "thank you note" to the Savior. It was a lovely lesson. And then, as I am much accustomed to at house Johanson, we had our favorite part and that was enjoying many delicious treats. :)

We had zone training on Tuesday, and that is always uplifting and helpful. We are still focusing on ward members and how to use the scriptures effectively as well as making sure that we ourselves are personally converted. Important stuff.

We went back to our friend Piet this week, whose house is a museum and gives us golden spoons to eat our garnished ice cream with. He says we can't convert him, but he loves it when we sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and says that we have to sing it every time we come. (haha I do not think he realizes fully that it is about Joseph Smith and the Restoration..) Evidence that the Spirit of the Restoration is powerful no matter who you are.

On Saturday we had sisters conference! I want you to know that the sisters in this mission are incredible. We are so blessed. Each sister is beautiful and bright and loving and hard working. There is no one to dread as a new companion. :)

Speaking of which, transfers came, and Sister Faa and I are staying! Phew, good.

Also, I had a dream that I came home, and my parents were disappointed in me for not being a good missionary. I wanted to argue back, but I knew in my heart that I wasn't a good missionary because I had given up and hadn't worked or helped like I could have. I didn't even have the "RM glow." I woke up realizing that I gotta go home with no regrets! Fellow missionaries, trust me, you don't want to go home with regrets and guilt and knowing that you didn't do your best. You don't have the Spirit with you, and it feels awful. Don't give up! Go hard or go home! We have got to do all we can, and we can do that, through Christ, which strengthens us.

Much love to you all :)


Sister Jo the old

Sisters Conference Pictures