Monday, October 12, 2015

If You Just Believe

Dearest of Friends,

Welcome! To another weekly letter from Sister Johanson the Old.

Miracles are everywhere, especially when you look for them, and especially especially when you've been waiting for them. We have begun teaching! I like teaching. We have taught several 1st lessons in the last two weeks, and they have all been to women. All of these women, except for one, have been moms with kids at home. I find that amazing. And each one is more positive than the last. It has been incredible to testify of Joseph Smith and the Restoration and of my Savior - some of my favorite topics :) - and see the potential for change for the better for these daughters of God and their families. If you would like to have some names to pray about this week, here you go: Inge, Ellen, Romela, Jannick, Samantha, Nathalie (not new, but still falls into this category).

Ann is still doing great. :) She is the cutest, sassiest little Asian, and does so much good. Baptism is still good for November 8, and everyone is getting excited for her.

Cool personal miracle of the week: 2 things you first need to know- 1. We never catch the tram 2.The crosswalk light is always red (usually causing us to miss the tram). We were going to walk to an appointment, because we didn't think we would make the tram Tuesday morning. But as we walked up to the crosswalk, the tram came. And then the light turned green. Yay! So we ran onto the tram. We sat down, and across the aisle, there was an open newspaper folded in half. It said "South Carolina" and had pictures of flooding. I know that place. I picked up the newspaper, and was able to read about Ali's area and what she is probably dealing with. I was so surprised, but felt at peace, knowing that God would watch over my sister missionary. I felt so loved knowing that God had made that all work out so that I could get an update on my favorite person and receive a reassurance that she's okay. Incredible. 

I hope things are okay, wherever you're at. I have so much love for you and am grateful for your faithful prayers. I pray for you too.

Much love,
Sister Johanson the 1st

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