Monday, November 3, 2014

Europe, anyone?

Mijn familie mijn familie! I love loved your letters this week. I am so proud of you all! I don't know if you've realized this, but in the last couple of weeks, you have each written to me and told me of wonderful things you've started doing, or lovely blessings that you have seen. And I am so grateful! I've been praying, and Fasting, for you all like crazy and so hoping that you could see some miracles and find ways to become even more the wonderful people that God wants you to be. And it's happening! I feel like it's a missionary blessing for me. (haha all my words are red; this computer doesn't recognize English)

Time is short vandag, so ik zal a kort brief schrijven to all of you, and hopefully write more personally next week. Oh! Letters are about a $1 to send, so my address is:  Sister Johanson Grevelengenstraat 6 1972sk IJmuiden, Nederland.

Haha Brindo, it's P-day (preparation day), not pee day ;) And that song? "I Heard Him Come." Have Dad sing it for you, you'll cry. I often get emotional just thinking of songs he used to sing. And I am so so proud of you, darling! You are doing wonderfully! I'm glad you're getting more Mormony. ;) Andddd, I'm actually in the Netherlands, not Belgium right now....

Samyo! Goede zo! What a cool kid you are! I'll start putting the date on my letters, sorry bout that. Halloween sounds cool. HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!!!! 

Amm my pal. I love your pictures. I hope Halloween was fun. Your ninja costume looked great.

Thanks for the email, Snan, much appreciated. Yay play! Can't wait to see it in a year and a half. You are doing wonderful things! Stay strong, my dear! God is proud of you.

(By the way, most of the letters came through upside down, haha so reading them on the computer was a fun time)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week DAD!!!!! I can't believe how young you guys still are. I hope your birthday was nice! I thought of you, and yelled happy birthday to you from Europe to America. Maybe you caught that on the wind or somethin :) Ha some other time I will have to compare first areas with ya, cuz it sounds like we had some similar circumstances.

Momma thanks for the pictures! We are so lovely! Ah, I miss you pals. Your weeks keep getting busier, not easier. Kinda dumb. I hope it was a good week though, and I hope this week is better. 

Whoa parentals. Those were some pretty big letters. Keep me updated, I'm now anxious to see what's gonna happen amidst our family in the next little while.

NEDERLAND!!!!! Ah, is it wonderful.
So my first area is IJmuiden (eye-moud-eh) and it is very near the coast, kind of Industrial, but pretty in it's way. My companion is Sister Clement! She was roomies with Deb Hutchins at BYU! Crazy! She is wonderful wonderful, but, this is her last transfer! She goes home soon! Haha I'm pretty darn positive she's a type 1. Funny, huh? For some reason I never thought I'd have a type 1 companion... So she is a fun time. :) She likes adventures. On Halloween, she made me dress up and we made cupcakes that her mom sent her. I will send pictures when I get to a different computer.
So, biking is nice. No really, it is! And we do it a lot a lot a lot! We are kinda a farther area, so we are on our bikes a lot of the day. We have to ride for an hour to get to church in Haarlem. Elder Silva and Elder Bishop (also his last transfer) are the new missionaries there, so we eat dinner and work with them a lot and it's so fun!
Ohhhh church in Dutch...!!! Haha rough times man! I mean, it's awesome, but it almost gives ya a headache. Everyone speaks English here, basically, but they all speak in Dutch normally. So they help me out, but I still don't know what they're saying a lot. But they are nice and tell me I have good Dutch. :) And they love to feed us! So ya, I'm not starving, Mama! Or cold, because I wear lots of things. :) The ward here is wonderful, and we hope to really strengthen and expand it...
Gah investigators..nix, basically. Working on it! Haha I try and tell everyone that I'm from America and that we celebrate Thanksgiving in November, and ask them what they're thankful for. That usually leads to some sort of gospel discussion easily, in which Sister Clement does most of the talking and I smile... People are pretty nice here though. And tall! Heavens, they're tall. And have delicious delicious food! Ah, this is my place. Bikes, and tallness, and good food. My body is much appreciating these things after the MTC.

There's so much I'd love to tell you!!! But tijd is kort. Ask me things! Tell me things! I love it all. You are so wonderful! I'm so proud of you! Thank you for loving me and remembering me. I dream about talking to you all every night, it's a little strange, but then the next day I feel like I've just seen you, and then Í'm not sad. The mission is awesome! I hope it just gets awesomer.

Love love love,

Dressa, the zendeling