Sunday, November 2, 2014

News from Belgium Netherlands Mission

Dear Parents:
Your missionaries have arrived safe and well in the Belgium Netherlands Mission.  We are extremely impressed with their attitude, preparation and diligence.  They began working in their new area on Wednesday with our finest missionaries as trainers. They will write to you on Monday and I’m sure will fill you in on everything. 

They are in for the most unique experience of their life.  We are so pleased to have them join us here in the Belgium Netherlands. Thank you for your faith, commitment to the gospel, and sacrifice to send your sons and daughters to serve the Lord. Many blessings are awaiting your missionary, you and your family through their missionary service.  We pray for you while they are away, and they are in our prayers at all times.

Of interest, you are welcome to keep up-to-date with the mission at:

Again, thank you for your sons and daughters.

Veel liefs,

Sister Robinson