Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Heya Fam,

Sounds like Thanksgiving was wonderful for all of you. I'm so glad that you got to be with each other and eat yummy things.

We had a Thanksgiving dinner ward activity, and everyone thought we were crazy for trying to do it. Two sisters, two elders, and a French ward mission leader cooking Thanksgiving for an entire ward. But it turned out amazing! (Mom, your recipe was too complicated for us..Brother Letort just kind of did his own thing haha) The food was so good! 2 turkeys, cranberries, green beans, sweet potatos, mashed potatoes, mini pumpkin pies. Mm. The Nederlanders totally liked it. And we did a talent show, which was fun. Sister Clement and I did the cup song, and now the entire ward is singing and playing with cups all the time. We had a couple non-members come, which was awesome! But Familie Gonzalez fell through, so that was kind of a bummer. We're still trying to get them back into the ward.

Elder Moreira came for zone conference this week and he was super funny and awesome. He reminded us to be obedient and put the Lord first.

Thanks so much for praying for me and the other missionaries. You are wonderful. Don't worry, holidays here are totally different, so I'm fine. :) Thanks for all the concern.

Hope you are all well and your life is full of love and blessings!


Zuster Johanson