Monday, February 2, 2015

Have Faith

Dear Pals,

Well, it keeps looking up here in IJmuiden as Sister Goodman and I have one spiritual experience after another. Here's a quick update on our people:

   M.: She's a member, and she's super cool, and we just gotta get her back to church!
   C.: She accepted the invitation to be baptized! Sister Adams (my sister training leader) and I taught her and M. the Restoration, and it went fantastically. She's looking really positive.
   J.: We taught her about the sabbath day, haha and she absolutely loves the idea of a day where you just do nothing! Still haven't got her church though, so hopefully this week.
    E.: Didn't have a lesson this week; fell through.
    L.: Still looking for her!!!

We spent a lot of time with members this week, which I think will actually really help with the missionary work. If we can just get the members here to have faith in the potential of the Church here and believe that miracles can really happen, even in the Netherlands, I think the growth will be excellently exponential. They are such good people and so dedicated to the Lord, they just need to exercise their faith so that they can see the amazing results of it.

Funny moment of the week: Goodman and I were out street contacting one night, and we stopped these two young men and asked them why they think we're here on earth. The reply of the first: "To party!!" Haha so I asked what he thinks happens after this life. "Continue with the partying!" Ah the young Dutch generation. :) But then we had an awesome conversation and it was probably one of my favorite contacts yet! Ah so fun being a missionary.

Yay February! Happy Groundhog Day! I hope spring is coming very very soon. Love you all!


Zuster Johanson

Elder Silva (with cookie), Crowson (in back), Wombeldorf (new district leader), Nielsen (old district leader), Reynolds (old district leader), Bonney (zone leader), Shaw (Haarlem with us), Hunter, Price, Goody Goodman and I, and Elder Pouwer (old zone leader)