Sunday, April 12, 2015

I want to stay forever

Heya Pals!

Whoa, amazing week! Exciting things coming your way.

We had temple conference this week! Aw man, it was so great to go to the temple. I miss the temple. As many amazing spiritual experiences we have, there's just nothing quite like going to the temple. It's still powerful, even in Dutch. :) And seeing all the missionaries in white, and realizing that the next biggest step of our lives will be something that affects our eternity and will take place in a building just like's beautiful and unimagineable. 

Transfers are this week. Sister Jones is going up to the Netherlands, and I get to stay in Lokeren, with ward Sint-Niklaas. Oh my goodness, I am so grateful I've got to and get to serve here. This is the golden part of the mission. And Jo Jo Team is breaking up! :( Coming to Belgium and being companions with Sister Jones is the best thing that could've happened to me right now. I've loved it. I just want to serve here for the rest of my mission. 
  We had 2 new investigators come to church yesterday!! I'd seen some of the "older" investigators come to church here, but I'm 1/3 done with my mission and I hadn't seen anyone come to church for the first time. I was worried they wouldn't come. When the meeting started, they weren't there, but I kept checking back to see if they'd come late. When the sacrament began, I just exercised all my fasting powers and prayed that they would please please come to church today. And then I looked back, and saw them standing at the door. After the sacrament, I went and brought them in. The entire ward saw, and just jumped on board. That was one of the most amazing testimony meetings I have ever attended. The ward here is so missionary-minded, and it's amazing how much the work is going here. I've built some better relationships in one transfer here than I did in 3 in my last area. And I've never felt like this before, but I just love these people so much that I want to serve them and do anything that I can to help them and to bring new members into their ward. I sound like such a cheesy sister missionary, but if you all came here, you would understand! 

Also, I saw the tulips this week when we went to Nederland. :) Now I am a real Dutch missionary.

I am very full of love, for this mission but for you all back home. Thanks for your beautiful testimonies. :) The world needs them.


Sister Johanson

Sister Jones and I and our pal Anna at the castle

View of Gent from the castle

Sitting in a castle tower

Sister Jones and I on the castle top

Us with the Gent sisters, Fleming and Begazzo

A harp picture for Nanah (it was in the castle and reminded me of her)

Castle itself

Castle courtyard