Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer 5

Gah, 5 transfers, I'm like a real missionary now.

Not much new this week, other than a companion. Sister Hanny :) She's great, and beautiful, and a fantastic worker. I knew she was going to be my companion. I always know what's happening with my transfers. Call me psychic, or spiritually in tune, whatever, but it's worked every transfer so far.

So, most of our lessons fell through this week, and we almost had investigators at stake conference, but it just didn't work out. Darn it. So is the first week of a new transfer! The miracles will come. Just gotta keep working. Luckily, it's been sunny, so it's easier for me to stay happy. Lots of bugs keep going down my shirt while I'm biking, so that's gross, but other than that, longer daylight hours is great for missionary work.

Oo funny story from yesterday: We were door knocking, and we rang, but we weren't sure if it worked, so then we knocked. A woman came to the door in her towel, with soap on her legs, and was very put-out that we had interrupted her bath. We don't need to keep knocking and ringing, didn't we know she was enjoying a bath? Hahahaha no, she didn't accept a card. Ah, I love people in this world. :) It will be such a party to see them in the next life.

Okay, keep praying, and stay in the light! Have any of you studied light recently? It is just my favorite thing. There are some great scriptures and talks and mormon messages about it. Light is the essence of who we are. :) And of course, that light comes from God. (a good starting place is D&C 50:24; that's my favorite scripture)

Much love from the country of chocolate, bread, and horse sausage!


Zuster Johanson


Sint Niklaas

Den Haag Temple

 At Keukenhof (flower gardens)

 Sister Jones and I at Keukenhof in a shoe!

Me in a giant shoe!

 My beautiful companion :)

Selfies with Keukenhof


Shania and Leana: Mini missionaries! I love them so much

I don't like this pic of me...but that is Dominka and Fernando :)