Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday! To Myself :)

Whoa, I'm 21. And my 21st year will basically be a missionary year. Too bad the drinking age here is like, 18. Not even anything exciting about 21.
It was such a happy morning! Sister Hanny made me breakfast in bed. I always wanted breakfast in bed. :) She's the cutest. And today we are gonna go to Ieper (world war 1 site) with lots of missionaries! Party!

Gah already last week of the transfer. What have we done..?

We had zone conference this week, and it was fantastic. We watched a documentary on The Book of Mormon, and several religious professors and language professors talked about how undeniably true and accurate and literarily awesome the book is. It was awesome! Definitely excited to be an English major and study this stuff. (*nerd*) 
We also got to see the "Singing Elders" performance, and it's incredible. They tour the mission and perform a program about well, the gospel, and it's really powerful and is doing amazing things in the mission. I'm excited to work with them in our area.

You know one thing that I've really learned about on my mission? You can be friends with anybody. You just kinda gotta pick your battles. We have mandatory companionship inventory every week, and I've really never had a bad one, because you realize what is worth bringing up and what is not. Sister Hanny and I are Super Different, but because we both want to work hard and be friends, we keep that most important in our relationship, and anything else just kinda falls by the wayside. I think you would all tell me to remember this for marriage. ;) 

Okay, that's all for this week. Hope you are all excited for summer, cuz I am! :)

Love from Lokeren!

Sister Johanson