Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Love from the Waffle Place

Good Morning, America!

Well, Mothers Day was certainly grand. :) I love my mom. I hope she had a nice day. 
What's funny is how non-trunky it made me! It's nice when you realize how normal missionary life is for you, and you can talk to your beloved little family, and then just go right back to being a missionary. I could stay in Belgium for long times. :)

Speaking of Belgium....5 baptismal dates! Woot woot! Train full of gospel comin round the corner. Of course we are praying like crazy that they will all go through, and soon, but God knows what His children need. I'm just thrilled to be seeing some results! Yeesh, it's been rough.

On other topics of interest: It's sunny today! And warm. News in Belgium.
We have lots of spiders. Big yucky ones. Sister Hanny is really good at attacking them with her stick. I got a great video, complete with girlish screams. :) 

And another thing, I really like talking to young kids. They are just the coolest. And at first, they think you are all weird cuz you wear a skirt and a namebadge and you talk all funny, but then they realize, hey, these girls are just normal kids too! And then it's great fun. We just seemed to contact a lot of young adults this week, and we may not have got appointments or anything, but just talking to them I think is pretty good missionary work. One day they'll realize that Mormonism is totally the new hipster thing. Like, nobody's Mormon, but everybody's becoming Mormon. Swag.

Okay, I love you all lots! Thanks for loving me back. :) That's all that Sister Dressa's really need. Have a beautiful week!


Zuster Johanson


Statue that Michaelangelo carved.

This is just a really pretty open park in Lokeren.