Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back to the Neverlands

Welp. They kicked me out of Belgium. It's funny, cuz when I got to Belgium, I missed the Netherlands, but now I'm here and I miss Beligum. :( Ah emotionally-attached missionaries.

But! This seems like a great area. My new comp, Sister Harris, is very cute and fun and we get along swell. We are excited to really get the work here going. My first two days were some of the busiest on my mission; we had so many appointments! But I know not every day will be like that, and we will have plenty of time to find some new people. My favorite pastime. ;) The branch here is very friendly and welcoming, and very easy for me to love. They all think I sound Belgian, which is hilarious cuz everyone in Belgium thought I sounded Dutch. I'm taking it as a compliment. We got to go see the temple the other day! We went with a couple investigators, and it was incredible. It got me excited to go to the temple! So hopefully it got them a little more excited, too. One was a part-member family, so that was really neat. I really love them already.

I had a dream that we had to save The Book of Mormon from some bad guys on Christmas Eve, and then we would save the world. Kinda like missionary work, I thought.

That's the jist of my week. Hope you're all well, and enjoying summer! Loves from Neverlands!


Sister Dressa