Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Hello Friends, from the Neverlands.

It finally got warm this week! Sunny sun! But good heavens, what a ridiculous week.

We got locked out of our apartment for a good day or so. We spent most of the night awake, then went to Appeldoorn (another city) to sleep with some other sister missionaries, and ended up in our apartment with the help of a locksmith around 3:00 the next day.
Why on earth did that happen??
Maybe it's so we could meet our wonderful neighbors, who we are now friends with and brought brownies to. Maybe it's so that Sister Harris could have a good gospel discussion with a man from Dubais on the train on the way back from Appeldoorn. Maybe it's so we would just learn that we can't control everything and only God knows all. Maybe it's so we could spend time getting to know each other and learning to just laugh at everything, no matter our circumstances. Who knows :) We totally didn't even cry the whole time. But I have never loved an apartment more than I love being inside that apartment now.

Wonder of the week: We decided to bike contact one morning on our way home to lunch. The second person we talked to was a darker man walking with a young woman and an old woman in a wheelchair. He told us that his girlfriend (walking with him) is here visiting, but she's Muslim and has been wanting to become Christian, would it be okay if she came and sat in our church or something? And we said: Yes. Yes, that would be just fine. :) We also share a book about Jesus Christ... And inside, we said: HOLY CATS WHAT IS THIS LIFE THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO US IN OUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIVES. Praying for a lesson with them this week. :)

Some Utahns came to church! Darling family, the mom was Dutch. Man, I just love Utahns. So glad to be here, but I really do love America, and Utah Mormons.

Sister Harris is a lot like Ali. :) I love Ali. So I love Sister Harris. :) We go running and eat weird meals and laugh a lot together. 

Welp, that's all folks. Enjoy your summer vacations. :)

Love from 

Sister Johanson