Monday, June 29, 2015

News from Nederland

Howdy Folks!

Nother week here in Assen. But, it's been good. :) I still love my companion, and she still seems to like me okay, so no matter what's goin on, we are pretty darn happy.

We got some "baptismal dates!" Those are in quotations ecuz they are not until October, and they are for two young girls (cousins) that we are teaching, and hopefully they can get parental consent. One of the moms is also an investigator, and has been for a while, and is basically a dry Mormon. However, personal circumstances are making it difficult for her to get baptized. But we were thrilled to at last get a lesson with them and talk some more about the awesomeness of baptism. We will be praying for some miracles for this family.

Miracle for me: Have I mentioned how piano music keeps coming my way? God is so good to me. Guess what I have. William Joseph's new Church piano book! :D :D I don't think I already told you guys that.. Anyway, you all know me, so you should know how just so so happy I am about this. Another sister just let me have it cuz her comp left it behind. Woo hoo! God loves me. :)

Finally gave my first talk yesterday! All I had to do was tell why Jesus Christ is important to me. Lucky me and everybody, cuz I love talking about that. I prayed a lot, and it went really well.

Ah Assen became Babylon this week. The TT - a huge world famous motor race - came to town, and we did not sleep much because we live by the centrum, and there was music and motorcycles and drunk people like crazy. Just walking through made me wanna throw up. I love the Holy Ghost. He makes awkward missionaries out of normal kids. :) But we did go to the carnival on pday for super quick funsies, so that was a good thing.

ALI IS A MISSIONARY. Wow, you guys have lots of missionaries to write. I pray for her every day, and am so happy that she made the choice to come join me out here on the battlefield. Ah, I love that kid. Miss her :'( But she will be super great!! (just like a special plate..) I know you are all praying for her too. Thanks pals. :)

Blessings from Assen!

Sister Johanson

1: Stroop wafels with Sisters Fleming and Young in Gouda
2: After we went on the scary ride (pic 3) 
3: Sister Harris riding "achter op" with Aswin (very Dutch thing)
4: We uh, ordered Chinese-Indonesian food. Don't really recommend it. (I miss American Chinese food) 
By the way, I got bangs :) Regrettably, both of these pictures are pretty dorky..