Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Europe

Goede morgen, frienden en friendinen!

Much rain and tears and laughter this week. :)

On Saturday, Sister Harris and I got to go to a "church night" in another city, and all the churches in the city have a sort of "open house" for their church and people just come and walk through. We were stationed at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and talked to people as they came through. This was a cool experience for me, because hearing about the other churches gave me perspective as to how wonderful this church really is. I felt the Spirit strongly for most of the night, as I just felt love for what we are and what we represent and what we offer people. It's simply the true church of God. It wouldn't be so perfectly put together if it wasn't His church. 

Also, I had a breakthrough this week and figured out why European missions are considered so hard. In many lands, people have never heard of God, so the Church is something revelatory for them. Here, in Europe, church and God and Jesus have been around for centuries; everybody has had some experience or another with church, and they're tired of talking about God. So they tend to think: Why do I need more church? This is just another church to them, nothing new. And, instead of turning to God while the world is spiralling like crazy into wickedness and despair, they blame Him for it. Every mission has it's challenges, and one of the European mission challenges is that you have to try to get people to understand why God is actually important and why this isn't just another church. And you have to catch their attention quick enough to be able to do so. 
So why am I in Europe? I guess because this is where the lessons are that I need to learn.

I am so incredibly grateful for my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I cling to that with everything that I am. It is what gives my life purpose, and what gives me hope. I believe with my whole heart and soul that He lives and that He is our Redeemer.

Love you all. :)

Sister Jo

P.S. To my family: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!! I finally got it, and man, was I thrilled. I just read your cards and weeped a bit and felt loved. I really needed some love, and you gave it to me. :) Also, you are all so funny with your cards. But really, it was perfect. So thanks, friends. :) And thanks Mom, for all the cute stuff!!!! Yay :D