Monday, August 3, 2015

Love in the Netherlands

Howdy Folks

I learned a new trick this week: Riding on the back of my companion's bike. Very Dutch.

Small miracles this week, but miracles nonetheless. We were able to give a couple copies of The Book of Mormon away to some pretty positive people, so that is good news. 

We also helped a couple, Jelma and Rido, move this week and it was fun haha. I like helping people move; the atmosphere is just fun and it really makes you feel like a missionary for some reason.

I have to tell you about the love we received on the door the other day. We've been doing a lot of door knocking lately (what else is new..) and ya, of course, that is not always the most positive experience. But one night, we picked a street that looked pretty suburban and pleasant, and we quickly learned that looks can be deceiving, until we got to the last door. A little boy that looked like Ammon opened the door and ran around the whole house looking for his mom. When she came, she was very receptive and kind, accepting both a card and a BoM. She then just started talking to us, about mission life, about her life, about family, etc, and she didn't really want to have lessons, but was still nice. I suddenly just asked her if she had any advice for us, as young Americans in the Netherlands. She said, "Just drink it all in. Be open, and get as much as you can. Focus on the positive, so that when you look back one day, you remember all the good things. Let all the negative things just roll off your shoulders. When people are unkind, that's not your problem, that's theirs. Just let it go and focus on the positive. Do what you are doing with me. You seem very friendly and kind and are doing a good thing without pushing people. Be strong and just enjoy." Ah, what a blessing and a mercy from God. We needed that very much. I have never felt so much love from someone on the door. 

I hope you are feeling the love of God in your lives. I pray for that for you often, and it's something I'm trying to work on myself. Thanks for your support. :) I am blessed.

Love from the Neverlands,

Sister Johanson