Monday, August 10, 2015

Wij Gaan Voort, Steeds Voort

Goede dag meneers en mevrouws!

Reporting from cloudy skies and warm winds (I feel like I'm getting moldy; humidity is just not my thing. I am also rocking a classic 80's frizz-curl most of the time, especially with the bangs)

Fun times of the week: I went on exchanges with my other old comp, Sister Manning! She is sister training leader now, and it is strange to get to this point on your mish. We just talked about the things we've learned and how much the other has changed. Aren't missions the greatest?

Wonder of the week: I love Brazilians. I guess I love two in particular this week, Cynthia and Phillippe. They are scientists, temporarily in the Netherlands, that let us in the other day and let us share what we believe. Cynthia knows the Mormons, and is very intrigued by "believers," being a scientist herself. The respect and appreciation that they showed us were truly - by Dutch mission standards - miraculous. We were able to become good friends with them and gave them a BoM with the invitation to read it and just ask God if He exists or not. Aw man. They were so cool!! And they felt kinda familiar to me (maybe cuz my name is Brazilian? :D), and I hope that I can see them again someday. I am so incredibly grateful for people like that.

Dearest Sister Harris is sick. :( And that is sad. She made it through church yesterday because she had to because I was giving a talk and our friends Patrick and Melanie came to church. It was a great service. With vacation ending, our building is filling up a little more, and that is nice. But we have been taking it easy so that she can recover and we can hit it hard this last week of the transfer.

That's all, folks! Have a sunshiney week!

Sister Johanson

All these pics I've sent: Pannekoeken Schip, a delicious place to eat Dutch pancakes
Sister Harris and I on a typical Dutch missionary day

The Wartan kids!!

Sister Harris and the bouquette of wildflowers that we picked when we were late for a dinner appointment :) God even sent us a blue plastic ribbon to tie them beautifully with!