Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Feeling Fine in Belgie


This week was so long but so quick. But that's just mission timing.

We had the opportunity to go to zone conference this week and listen to Elder Dyches of the 70. A couple days before, I felt like I was missing "something," but didn't know what it was. I felt like I found a lot of answers at zone conference. Elder Dyches talked to us about using our planners effectively and our time wisely, and I was grateful for the reminder and the tips that can help me be a more effective missionary. He also talked a lot about strengthening our relationships with members, which is actually something that Sister Faa and I really want to focus on this transfer. We left feeling inspired and ready to work hard.

Yesterday in church was a missionary farewell, and all the speakers spoke about their missions. It was so strange to sit and listen to someone talk about a mission as a past experience, as I am sitting here living my mission experience. The new missionary read his call letter, and my heart skipped and the Spirit overwhelmed me, just like it did when I first read my very own mission call. What a blessing to be a missionary.

We went to a stake picnic the other day, and I got to see some of my old Lokeren friends, including my best friend Michelle! ;) It was a fun activity, and I hope that we can do more like that; I feel like it really strengthens the members and is a great opportunity for missionaries to get to know the members. (hint hint)

I hope you are all enjoying life as you return to school and normal schedules and anticipate the oncoming fall weather. Yay September! Happy B-day little Ammon, and happy baptism! (ha my very first baptism on my mission ;) ) Love you all!

Sister Johanson

Savannah store
Suuuper old bible! We geeked out 

Delicious ice cream after getting lost
I found a hat :) Love big hats
Delicious fat brownie with a pot of Belgian chocolate to drizzle over
And Sister Faa and I
You can see why I would send you this pic of this store :)
My favorite snack