Monday, August 24, 2015

Back in Belgie

Good Morning, my friends!

Wow. Wowie wow wow. Well life for me is fantastic. :) I am loving everything!! 
Sister Faasavalu, or Sister Fa, is great. We are already pals. We are talkers, and talk about anything and everything. I'm so excited to be in Antwerpen!! The ward here is wonderful. There was a man who was confirmed on Sunday during sacrament meeting, and that was a beautiful way to start off the transfer. We have 4 new missionaries in the ward, me and 3 elders, and I think that it is a great change for the ward. We are so pumped to do work here! There are a lot of English speakers in the ward, and an American family that just moved in, so that's a fun adjustment for me, speaking English and everything. 
Antwerpen is big, and that's so new for me. It's fun to be in a big city, and to see so so many people. It's incredibly diverse. I am so tired at the end of the day from all the biking everywhere and from so much public transportation. Big cities are fun times. And every time we open our mouths for a second, miracles come out. For example, we were on a tram for just a couple minutes, and we asked the woman across from us where she was from, and she's from Armenia. She thought we were Jehovah Witnesses, but when we said we were the Mormons, she said that she had our book! But she had it in Dutch, so she needs an Armenian one, and we will bring one to her. See? So easy. God is so good. 
I was really sad to leave Assen and Sister Harris, but I know that it will be in good hands and that I did what I needed to there. I'm so excited that God needs me here in Antwerpen, and I can't wait to see what kinds of miracles we wiill experience here.

I love you all very much and pray that your testimonies are bright and strong and that you are happy in all that you do.

Much love from Belgium,

Sister Johanson

New Address:
Alfons Schneiderlaan 172 bus 2
2100 Deurne

Last pic in the elevator before transfers :(

Sister Harris vacuuming fruit flies up in our kitchen haha
Assen apartment

My boots. I couldn't carry them around with me, so I took pics and threw them away. I walked everywhere last winter in these. Sentimental :)

Okay these ones aren't entirely the best, but they're funny
sister Harris and I and Bernadette
Emmen district

Us and Jeffrey, our faithful lone investigator :)
Assen! View from our balcony