Monday, November 23, 2015

Be Fankful

Dear Friends,

My favorite part of this week was sweet Aida's baptism. :) She was so cute and happy. She kept thanking Jesus and everybody present, even our other investigator. It was funny and endearing in her Spanish-Dutch. It's so incredible when you get to see moments like that.

We also had zone training, and Zr. Cowles and I were asked to do role play of the First Vision, and were told a real live investigator would be coming to make it seem more "real." We were so anxious! We, and all the other missionaries, were praying like crazy for this guy while we taught. It was a really Spirit-packed role play and he responded really positively, so we all got excited. Good news. The guy already has a testimony and actually got back from his mission 3 weeks ago. Ha. Darn zone leaders.

Today we played Turkey Bowl, which is always a blast. I've really come to love American football as a missionary. So funny. 

It is turkey week! Remember to be fankful for all your blessings and eat lots of yummy food. There's nothing like family this time of year. I am grateful that I have such a wonderful, supportive, gospel-loving family and that I can come be a missionary in the Neverlands. Love you guys and thanks for all you do. 

Sister Jo

Zr. Bradley and Young

Zr. Faa and I with Julie, our beloved FHE mama
Aida's baptism :)
Our ward mission leader, Joshua Boom and then my comp, Sister Cowles
Traditional mcflurries with Faa
Toki and Riki Sariki! I love them
Last day in Antwerpen train station (Elders, and then Sisters and Ann)