Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You Do Good

Dearest Friends,

Happy Sinterklaas week! December 5 is Sinterklaas, where all the Dutch children get presents in their shoes from Sinterklaas. It is a bigger deal than Christmas here, and it's a cute holiday, although strangely comparable to our Christmas in America..

Thanksgiving was fun last week. We had dinner at our branch president's house, and his wife is American, so they knew what they were doing. It was very sweet of them to let us come over and celebrate thankfulness with them and their darling children.

Another one of my favorite moments this week was seeing a recent Chinese convert, Aimee, get her temple recommend. She was so excited and proudly showed us her little card. She will go with her husband for the first time this week. Those moments are what make missionary work, and just living the gospel, worth it. How blessed we are.

We have been trying to find some new people to teach, and people in Tilburg are actually pretty nice, but they have a hard time recognizing what it is we are offering them. I'm so grateful for all of your prayers in the behalf of the missionaries. We sure appreciate the support we get from faithful members and beloved family. I sure love you guys and am grateful for you.

"You never know how much good you do."
(this is a great Mormon Message ^)

Much love,
Old Sister Jo

Helmets! Such cuties. I was on exchanges with Sister Manning, my MTC comp.

And we made chocolate pies for Thanksgiving! Yummy