Monday, January 25, 2016

Expect the Unexpected

Hey Beloved Souls of My Heart :)

So, this last week has been..yes. But I'll share a miracle with you.

One of our investigators believes that we, missionaries, were sent from God to help him. However, he's been having a hard time giving up his other religion. He said that if Jesus made the decision for him, then he would follow Him. Well, oh so uncoincidentally, a week later, he had a dream that Jesus came to him and told him to follow Him! Call it weird, but you can also call it a miracle. :)

For the rest..Tilburg has been taken over, and Sister Manning is now serving in Zoetermeer. My body has been dealing with a negative reaction to medication, so I am just chilling with my new companions the Hills until my body recovers. :) They are wonderful, and I am so grateful for them. Sister Hill reminds me of Grandma Johanson, with her cute little voice and happy laugh and always worrying about me being cold and needing more blankies. Elder Hill gave me a blessing, and we know that everything is going to be okay. Thanks so much for your love and prayers- they really do work.

I wish you all the most blessed of weeks! 

Much love,
Sister Jo

My branch mission leader's cute family
All my ex-comps became comps for a weekend, like an ex-Johanson clan

My new comps