Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Has Sprung

Howdy Pals

Good times, good times. It froze over here, so I have turned into a popsidressa. My favorite. But there are always miracles to share.

There have been a couple moments where, by just being me, God helps people, usually on public transportation. I had another experience this week where I was sharing some life thoughts with Sister Manning on a train and this guy next to us seemed to be listening. We were talking about enjoying your own life, and being happy with who you are. The guy kept nodding and then said, "ya, that's true." We then had a cool, chill conversation with him about life and how to be happy. What a blessing for all of us. :)

Another cool moment was getting to do one last, last-minute musical number with Elder Hunter at zone training. It was a great training, and he really brought the Spirit with "Oh Divine Redeemer" and we tried to convey our testimonies through the words and music. I love those opportunities.

It's been a bit of a weird week with some hiccups, but God is with us and all is well. I pray for the same for you all.

Much love,

Sister Jo #1

Thanks for the shirts Mom :) 
Elder Hunter and us