Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mission Life

Whelp, pretty normal week here in IJmuiden. Goody and I reached our proselyting hour goal, so that was great! We are just happy and like having fun conversations with people and being our little selves.
For Valentines, us and the Haarlem elders made dinner for our friend Kim. It was great! I will never get to have a Valentines Day like that again.
Yesterday, Goody played "This is the Christ" and I gave a testimony (was supposed to be a talk, they told me to cut it down to testimony; second time that I haven't given this talk I've written now). It was a good meeting. I think they need more musical numbers here. We are going to work on that.
Time is going by super fast every day, so that's crazy and maybe also nice.
Our zone went ice skating today! Haha we were all such funny Americans. I never even fell down!
The work is coming, and it's awesome. Sometimes crazy things work out in ways you never expect, and if you put the work in, you Always see more miracles.
Merry week to you all and to all a good day!


Zuster Johanson