Monday, April 27, 2015

April Showers

Hallooo Friends!

Welp. Nother week. Already second week of the transfer, stressing me out as I'm trying to reach these goals and man, there's just only so much I can control!

I'm loving working with Sister Hanny. She's summery and fun and we just like to get the work done while enjoying the flowers along the way. Really, we pick a lot of flowers. The weather here is lovely right now. 

Weird week, with not so many appointments and Sister Hanny had 24-hour flu thing, so we had a "day in," which was weird. Guess every missionary's gotta take their turn with that at some point. I read a lot, and for anyone who knows me, you'll know that it definitely wasn't the worst day I ever had. :) But let's not get sick anymore. You just get antsy after a day.

Highlight of this week: 1831 :) Members, investigators, in-betweens, from 18-31 years and of the female species, whom are unmarried, that belong to ward Sint-Niklaas, come together on Friday nights every now and again to unite in an evening of awesomeness. Haha this week we went "bos wandeling," or "walking through a forest with different challenges along the way," and I just want to let people on the other side of the world know that I really love these women. :) We had so much fun, and wrote a song that is now on Facebook but I cannot show you until I am home, and I am just grateful for the experiences that I get to have here with people that I grow to care very much about. Also, I want to make a t-shirt for our 1831 group. We are that cool.

April is ending! Sheesh, May brings too may things, I do not know how to feel about it...

I love you and thank you for your prayers. I pray for you too. :)

Zuster Johanson